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Hello and welcome to RyanGaffney.com the website that I finally got around to building!

Right now, and for the foreseeable future, this website functions as a glorified virtual business card. You can use it to read my CV… which will be fascinating to you if you are the kind of person who loves data entry, You can check out the comic that I might work on some day, but probably for now, you just want to check out my blog.

Theoretically I’ll eventually upgrade this business card into a virtual brochure that tells you more than you ever wanted to know about who I am and what I’m up to, at which point you will stop seeing the prominent dead links on the side of the page.

The next stage after that is for me to become a prominent figure in the Christian world and to turn this site into the hub from which my fans can connect to my entire social network… Yeah… That’s going to be a while…