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It’s that time again.

Time for another Dang meta-post where i blog about blogging and talk about what I expect this to be.

I don’t know why I keep doing these. I can’t imagine people really wanting to read them, and yet I can’t seem to get myself to return to talking about interesting ideas and processing thoughts until I adress in some way the fact that It’s been another couple months since I’ve posted anything at all.

Travel SelfieI have a good excuse. I got married. And I moved, and I graduated with a Masters Degree, and I Bought a car, planted a church, left two jobs, and traveled to California, Florida, and California again. I’ve been BUSY.

In the midst of al of that the finish line has been running away from me.

I wrote in my last meta-post that this blog may be coming to an end. It’s really about my preparation for ministry, and I was thinking I’d ordained and installed by not. Nope. There are more hoops, more complications, more obsticles.

I’m trying to be medatative about that reality, and think deeply about the fact that ten years ago I considered myself a minister, and everything I have done since then has only made me feel like more of a chatecumin. Maybe the journey never ends. Maybe i will never feel to myself like a “real” pastor.

But I have people in my life now who are calling me Pastor. I’ve been preaching regularly for years now. When that finish line does come I don’t know what it’ll look like anymore.

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November 23rd, 2016 at 3:43 pm

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